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Under pressure

Imagine the situation. One of your team is under enormous pressure to deliver. You are upset and stressed and disappointed about the entire situation but what to do?  Great leaders know that applying more pressure is not only a waste of time but also very counter-productive. They are also able to put their own feelings aside because logically they understand that their problem is not about what they feel but about how to de-stress the situation in order to deliver a satisfactory solution. And yet, for me, putting my own feelings aside is one area which at times I struggle [...]

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Excellence through collaboration

I was working with some friends trying to think of a new tagline for a charity when we came across ‘Excellence through collaboration’. The strange thing about the slogan building process is that it forces you to think very deeply about what it is exactly your organisation does, and even more importantly – why? Let me share with you how it worked for us, it’s surprisingly complex: Our charity is called ‘Young Belgian Talent’. At a first attempt we could describe it as ‘a charity to support brilliant young classical musicians starting out on their professional solo careers’. But then [...]

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Inspiring your team

I was watching a Canadian reality TV series that follows the challenges faced by a team of heavy haulage rescue and recovery drivers based in Hope, British Columbia. The owner of the family business (now in its 3rd generation) felt that he was unnecessarily losing business to the competition. Whereas the recovery operators just saw the problem as simply a lack of customers. The owner wanted his employees to be more proactive with finding work. The recovery operators believed that the responsibility for finding work lay with the owner and that their only responsibility was to recover vehicles as quickly [...]

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New energy

It’s been a long damp winter. I cannot remember there ever being quite so much rain. Some scientists say that this is the new normal, thanks to global warming. But whatever it is, there is no doubt that our weather affects our daily moods and perhaps this is one of the reasons why life has seemed a little tough recently? I have the feeling that I have been trying to balance priorities and somehow not managed to quite finish anything to the quality level I like to strive for. But today everything has changed. The rain has gone and I [...]

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Could you, just for once, say something positive?

Anyone who knows me, knows I am most content when surrounded by positive people. I don’t mind genuine questioning and even a little negativity every now and then but on the whole I like the comfort of a ‘we can do this’ attitude. There’s a great moment in the movie ‘Charlotte’s web’ where the goose, played by Oprah Winfrey asks “can you, just for once, say something positive?” The answer is both hilarious and shocking at the same time “I am positive it won’t work!” On the 23rd. of June this year, the United Kingdom (or maybe I should say [...]

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