Can there be anything more frightening than thought of an asteroid heading towards Earth? On an individual level we can be afraid of terrorism and war but an asteroid, well that would be something even bigger than countries and continents.  And yet, over the last several million years countless asteroids have collided with Earth and here we are, living our lives day after day. However, sometimes it’s as if our lives are being constantly bombarded by mini asteroids of change, each one bringing with it some kind of new and not fully identified threat.

But just like real asteroids, our personal asteroids bring with them not only a sense of fear but also new energy, ideas and purpose. And although we have little or no power over their arrival we do have a choice to either try to ignore them, or indeed to embrace them. And this is the hub of the real challenge that faces us all.

Fearing change is of course perfectly logical, the question is how can we best manage it? For me, like many others, my fear diminishes when I feel in control, and I achieve a sense of control by taking the time to understand the changes coming my way. The trouble is there is just so much to try and understand.

To ensure a sustainable business, we need to constantly be on the alert for the asteroids of change. We need to take the time to discover exactly what our industry researchers and competitors have in the pipeline. We need to also study trends in global (and local) politics, to learn about new social systems and norms, and indeed anything else that can impact upon our ability to trade. Now this might sound over the top but if you and your colleagues split the responsibility of knowledge gathering and then take the time to share your findings, you’ll soon discover that the process is both intellectually engaging and very rewarding.

So don’t be afraid of the asteroids of change, just be sure that when they come (and come they will) that you are ready for them, after all your survival depends on it. As for the giant asteroids that threaten our planet, well we have intergalactic nuclear missiles for that – don’t we?

Have a good week,