People living in the UK will know Sir Terry Wogan and many of them will greatly miss the soft tone of his voice, calmly guiding them from one topic to the next. As one lady on the BBC Today program said “He was always with me, in the car or at home in the kitchen, I never met him but he was a good friend to me”. Terry Wogan was a radio and TV presenter with a difference, he had a seemingly unique way of connecting with his listeners. He made each and every one of them feel they knew him well. And this is a very special gift indeed.

In business I have only ever met one or two people who had the same level of connection, when it came to communication as Sir Terry.  The skill, if that’s what you can call it, to have people feel (after just after one meeting) that they know them well.  To leave that meeting with a feeling of having met someone special, someone who not only cares about them but also the reason why they came to see them in the first place.

The reason why I think that Terry Wogan type communicators are so rare is because they live and work balanced on the ultra-thin wire of sincerity. If they push their sympathetic communication style just a touch too hard they will be seen as a fake, a touch too little and they will come over as being cold and insincere.

If you ever have the chance meet, or work with people with the Terry Wogan touch, then grab it with both hands, I’ll tell you why.  The reason why these people come over as being sincere is because they are sincere. In addition, they have an outstanding gift of communication. And with this gift they can steer and influence the people they work and do business with, in a way most people are unable to do.

Rest in Peace Terry Wogan. And thank you to the Limerick Leader for the wonderful photograph.

Have a good week,