There are times in life when, for whatever reason, we exceed our expectations by doing something extraordinary. Very often these turning point moments become the memories we are most proud of. And when we look back and ask ourselves what inspired us to do them, we usually find that it was a combination of things, but not least the effect of a particular person around us at the time. And so it is that this week I want to dedicate my blog to all those who at various times in my life have encouraged me to go outside my comfort zone, to take on a challenge or to try something I had previously thought of as impossible. Without them my list of personal achievements would be a lot shorter.

Today I find myself in a position of influence, inspiring others to take their next steps but it is not always easy. Sometimes I try too hard and at other times, not hard enough. Encouraging people to go beyond their expectations is surely one of the most valuable aspects of leadership.  After all, just meeting expectations very quickly becomes not enough and not enough can never be inspiring to others.

Have a good week,