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Going beyond your expectations

There are times in life when, for whatever reason, we exceed our expectations by doing something extraordinary. Very often these turning point moments become the memories we are most proud of. And when we look back and ask ourselves what inspired us to do them, we usually find that it was a combination of things, but not least the effect of a particular person around us at the time. And so it is that this week I want to dedicate my blog to all those who at various times in my life have encouraged me to go outside my comfort [...]

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How committed are you?

From November until March in the UK, it seems like we get severe weather warnings every other week. They are mostly national rather than regional, meaning that they are pretty useless since in the North of the UK there may be deep snow in the winter, yet in the South (where I live) we only seem to get a flurry of snow and very bad winters once or twice a decade. This week, there was yet another warning of deep snow and freezing temperatures, with warnings of severe disruption to the travel network. It reminded me of something that happened [...]

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“He was a good friend to me”

People living in the UK will know Sir Terry Wogan and many of them will greatly miss the soft tone of his voice, calmly guiding them from one topic to the next. As one lady on the BBC Today program said “He was always with me, in the car or at home in the kitchen, I never met him but he was a good friend to me”. Terry Wogan was a radio and TV presenter with a difference, he had a seemingly unique way of connecting with his listeners. He made each and every one of them feel they knew [...]

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A tale of two flights

I decided to check in my bags for my Brussels Airlines flight to Berlin but when I arrived at the airport I was surprised to see rows and rows of completely empty check in desks, not a human for as far as my eyes could see. This was mid-week and I hadn’t heard of any strikes. ‘Well thank you Brussels Airlines!’ I thought sarcastically. Now I have not only to print my tickets and boarding passes I also have to learn how to operate the machine to check my own bags in. I wonder what’s next? Perhaps they’ll expect me [...]

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There’s an asteroid on its way

Can there be anything more frightening than thought of an asteroid heading towards Earth? On an individual level we can be afraid of terrorism and war but an asteroid, well that would be something even bigger than countries and continents.  And yet, over the last several million years countless asteroids have collided with Earth and here we are, living our lives day after day. However, sometimes it’s as if our lives are being constantly bombarded by mini asteroids of change, each one bringing with it some kind of new and not fully identified threat. But just like real asteroids, our [...]

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