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An eye for detail

I am one of those people that always questions why things are the way they are. It is important for me to understand the world around me, to make sense of it and, if given the chance, to improve it. Recently I was in a restaurant with some friends, I couldn’t help wonder why the tables were set out the way they were. It was then I noticed the table lamps, evenly spaced, all at the same height and all of them the exact same design, except for the shades. They were all different. I pointed this out to one [...]

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What you see is what you get

They say that a really great actor is someone you can believe in, someone real. Whether they are playing a ruthless boss or a gentle lover, when they on the stage or screen you don’t see them as acting but rather as just being themselves.  I still wonder if I ever meet Jack Nicholson whether he would be just like Melvin Udall in ‘As good as it gets’ or like Edward Cole in ‘Bucket List’? The point I am trying to make is that a great actor adjusts their style to suit the demands of the role they are playing. [...]

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Manage more like a mum, not like a wife

Just to set things straight from the start, this blog is not about the glass ceiling. I strongly believe in the right-skilled person in the right position, irrespective if this person is male, female or anything in between. No, when writing the title, I was more thinking about the following little scene. Wife: “Honey, could you vacuum the living room please?” “Sure Love!” says the husband and immediately gets right to it. Ten minutes later he is putting away the vacuum cleaner, proud of the great work he has done for the wife. But instead, his wife is disappointed. “While [...]

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Super Chickens

In Last month’s blog ‘The perfect project resource’ I asked, what skills are the key to successful projects? This week I want to consider the role of higher education and its relationship with proving your suitability for a specific job. When I left school, many years ago, only a handful of people went on to do a degree and for most employers, a degree was not considered necessary for the majority of jobs. Today, however, many more people have degrees and companies seem to demand them for jobs that previously didn’t require them. This week I saw an interesting talk [...]

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“We don’t talk about John”

Anyone who has ever lost a close family member may have experienced the unsettling feeling that creeps in some days or weeks after the funeral. When things start to get back to normal there is a tendency for people not to talk about the person who has died or even to mention their name. It’s as if they do it will cause upset all over again. But by not talking, deep seated emotional problems can easily emerge, especially in the young. In our working environments we get used to people leaving us; the once figurehead of a department departs for [...]

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