With 2016 only a few hours away I find myself not so much reflecting on the year that has been but looking ahead at the certainty of the changes that are to come.

We can guess that wars will continue, that the European refugee crisis will not suddenly come to an end, that global warming will continue and that our politicians will not adapt their policies or give up their powers lightly.  We can guess too that our businesses will have to circumnavigate new laws, codes of conduct, terms of business and fluctuating currencies, just like they have always done but at such an increased speed that by the time the projects we set up to handle change are delivered, they will already be out of date.

I might sound pessimistic but I am not. Far from it, in fact I am looking forward to the challenge of 2016 and to working with organizations to adopt new ways of working; ones that encourage cooperation and creativity. Ones that will genuinely enable their strategies to achieve ‘best in class’ results.

But before all this begins, there are still a few hours of 2015 left and just enough time to say ‘thank you’ to all my readers, supporters, collaborators and friends. 2015 was an exciting year with many ups and downs and I see no reason to assume that 2016 will be any different. I therefore look forward to continuing our journey together, embracing the new and re-defining the different and the difficult.

So my very best wishes to you all!  But for now, for me, it’s back to the jigsaw puzzle and the last of the Belgian chocolates,

Happy New Year,