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With 2016 only a few hours away I find myself not so much reflecting on the year that has been but looking ahead at the certainty of the changes that are to come. We can guess that wars will continue, that the European refugee crisis will not suddenly come to an end, that global warming will continue and that our politicians will not adapt their policies or give up their powers lightly.  We can guess too that our businesses will have to circumnavigate new laws, codes of conduct, terms of business and fluctuating currencies, just like they have always done [...]

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Meeting minutes, do we still need them?

It’s kind of old fashioned, having a meeting agenda, following it and then taking the minutes. “No one reads them anyway” is a call for abolition I hear regularly.  All I know is that it is often useful to be able to look back and to trace decisions and to remind oneself, not necessarily who said what and when but more what were the agreements and the specific actions that arose from them. I write this because so many aspects of our business lives are changing that it is easy to let slip the basic things that just maybe are [...]

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Do you speak my language?

When I came home from the office the other day, my wife was nowhere to be found, so I went out to see if she was in the garden.  Sure enough she was busy in one of the out houses preparing new bedding for our cat hotel guests. (Yes we have a cat hotel).  When she saw me she said “Hi Sweety, would you like to come and see the Christmas lights in the hotel?”  Now to any inhabitant of planet Earth who understands English they would logically interpret this simple question for what it is: a friendly invitation to [...]

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The perfect project resource

Last month I attended the PMI Synergy 2015 event in London. It was the first time I had spoken to so many Project Managers and Change Managers in one location and it was great to hear all their different experiences. One conversation stood out the most for me. It was with a very passionate, self-employed French lady who spoke four languages fluently and had worked on large scale projects for multi nationals all over Europe. Circumstance happened that she arrived in England in January 2015 and for the first time in her twenty year career, she was struggling to find [...]

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What’s the worst that could happen?

I was listening to an interview with the surgeon and writer Atul Gawande.  I couldn’t help but admire his brilliant career. His list of awards and honors was mind blowing, all he needed was the Nobel Prize and he would have had the lot. But much more than that was his willingness to talk openly about his failures, even the ones that may have cost the lives of his patients. And that’s it really, if I screw up on a project it can have some kind of impact but, hopefully, never put a life at risk.  And then to be [...]

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