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When I want your opinion I will give it to you!

Being forced to listen to other people’s opinions can be extremely irritating especially if you have already thought the situation through in great detail and come to a decision. Sometimes I like to imagine a world where I simply give out orders and everyone around me just gets on with them without any fuss or bother. Now wouldn’t that be great?! Of course in our world of political correctness we are taught to listen but beyond that we instinctively know other people’s opinions are often the ones that make the most sense. According to Sylvia Plath, everyone one likes a [...]

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My bank doesn’t accept complex passwords

I have spent a significant part of the last ten or more years developing my skills, learning how to create and retain complex passwords. Most of my clients insist that their contractors and employees use them, even making sure they are updated every couple of months. I was shocked this week to discover that my bank does not allow any passwords with symbols such as stars or exclamation marks etc. Not even underscores!  Perhaps the bank knows something that I don’t and have come to the conclusion that complex passwords are no more secure than ordinary ones? It all came [...]

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Ethical buying

As consumers we buy products based on our core values. We look out for and avoid products that are tested on animals or corporations who abuse the rights of their workers. We want to buy in a way that meets with our ethics and morals. But what will the future look like with self-driving cars? Recently Google, who would normally be known for speed and efficiency, were in the news because their autonomous vehicle was stopped by police in California for going too slowly. The ‘driver’ of the vehicle wasn’t fined, as it turns out no laws were broken. The [...]

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People who make a difference

Every human life makes a difference, no matter how short or seemingly insignificant. Each of us play our part and our part is important. Some people, however, make a difference that can be measured empirically; the number of countries captured, employees employed, symphonies written, audience tickets sold, goals scored, medals won. This week I had the honour to meet someone who founded an institute that went on to become the world’s biggest and most influential educational body on the topic of project management, The PMI. With 650,000 members worldwide, its growth from a group of four has proven not only [...]

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“Is there a place for emotions in business?”

Imagine you are about to give a presentation to the board of directors or to an important potential client. You have been preparing it for months and are eager to convince them with your ideas. Ten minutes before, you get a phone call with upsetting news. One of your friends has been killed in an accident.  How do you handle this? Will you cancel the meeting? Will you go on pretending nothing happened? If there is one thing, I have learned over the years, showing your vulnerability in a business environment is not perceived as bad. On the contrary, showing [...]

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