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There’s good and there’s good – you decide

‘Good people make great teams’ we are told but I suppose it depends on how you define the word ‘good’. Good at their tasks, good at getting things done, good with people or good, meaning ‘well behaved’.  The first three should go without saying. Everyone in the right place doing what they’re best at. But the last definition, good as in well behaved, I am not so sure… From the moment we learn to interact with others, we learn to push the boundaries. From throwing our Teddy bear out of the pram to trying to reach forbidden fruits, our lives [...]

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The closure of a business

Last week, I was investigating an aspect of the closure of a business unit, once owned by a large multi-national when I received an email from a close friend that he had decided to close down his small company after many years of trying to make it a success. There’s not much sadder in life than having to close your own company. All the hopes and dreams you had set for yourself, and for those around you, become mixed with the anger and pain that come with seeing how things could have been so different. My advice to my friend, [...]

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Industry 4.0

I hear that there is a revolution coming and I believe it! Or perhaps it’s evolution? It’s called Industry 4.0. It was after reading a blog on 4.0 by Harley Lovegrove recently, that I thought I would look into this topic a little further The name was first coined by industry advisors to the German Government in 2013. The advisors, made up of industry experts and scientists, provide advice to the Government on developing its technical strategy. And why 4.0? In 1784 the first mechanical loom was introduced and industrialised the process of weaving. Before then, this was completed by [...]

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A simple walk, a huge difference!

A while ago I was asked by one of our clients to organize a mini team-building for a global project team kick off. Should not be so difficult you would think? The real challenge was that I was told not to spend any money!  So there I was with a group of 20 people, each with their different views, opposite opinions and maybe even hidden agendas and with absolutely no budget. What could I do to bring these people closer together? It was clear to me they needed to bond in a short and effective way. The kick off workshop [...]

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Are you ready for Industry 4.0?

Some call it the next industrial revolution, others call it the ‘internet of things’. I call it progress but whether it’s good or bad, that’s up to you to decide. It  was nearly two decades ago I first came across the concept of Industry 4.0, of course it wasn’t called that then but the visionary I was having lunch with was telling me of his battles convincing his management to put video cameras on the production line so that customers could see their cars being built. He quite rightly predicted that bringing the customer right up close to the production [...]

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