When I was a child there was a song we used to sing about having a hole in my bucket. The song was sung in a round and contained endless suggestions as how to fix it, none of them seeming to work. Today the song would be much shorter because the children would just sing ‘buy a new one, dear Liza!’ However, children’s songs apart, my roof does have a hole in it and I need to decide what to do. It’s not a very big hole but when you stand in the attic and look up, you can see daylight coming in.

Yesterday we had a downpour, rain was falling from the sky with such force it was bouncing off the window sills. So I decided to go up into the attic and take a look. As far as I could see, not a single drop was coming in. I have called in two roofers in recent months. One wants to strip everything away and build a complete new construction; tearing down nearly three hundred years of history. The other says its fine, it just needs a little bit of patching here or there, but in essence it should be left alone. The question is who’s right and who’s wrong? This is the kind of situation where both people can be right but what to do?

In the case of my roof I will almost certainly just make a few patches here and there. But so it is with nearly everything. There are so many things that could be improved and replaced but sometimes it pays to consider very carefully before taking action. After all, life is about priorities and all too often we seem to be fixed on replacing everything that is sub optimal, even if it is still functional.

Have a good week,