I was late getting away last Thursday, I was in a rush to get home for a long weekend when I noticed her approaching the pedestrian crossing. She was pulling a massive pink suitcase on wheels that almost came up to her shoulders.

When we had crossed the road I stepped into my car and she disappeared out of site. There was another car in front of mine, a big Mercedes with its passenger door open wide and a driver standing by. And there she was again at the bottom of the steps to the Kasino hotel. A man came out of the hotel in a hurry but when he saw her he stopped to ask if she needed a hand. It was clear to me that she had said no. He appeared to ask again, to be absolutely sure. She must have repeated herself because he politely wished her goodbye and strode across the courtyard to the waiting car.

Now I don’t know if she recognized him, but I did and I wondered that if I had been in his shoes, in his position and in obviously such a hurry, whether I too would have taken the time to offer my help.  After all he was the group CEO of one of the world’s largest and most successful companies.

As my car pulled away, I left satisfied in the knowledge that this powerful and influential man was living his life in humility and with a readiness to help others. After all, who could expect any more?

Have a good week,