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Not giving up!

Many years ago I read an article that said “the real challenge of sales begins when the client says ‘no’.” At the time it felt shocking. The concept of being encouraged to be a nuisance by interpreting a clear ‘no’ for a ‘maybe’. None the less, the phrase stuck and I learned to interpret it to mean ‘if you believe in something don’t give up until you have given it your utmost best’. But today, as I prepare for a tricky meeting where I need to convince two of my client’s employees not to be upset by a little set [...]

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A few weeks ago, I was on a flight from London to Dusseldorf. As the cabin manager made her way along the isle, a man in the seat behind me asked her, "What time do we arrive in Düsseldorf?" "At 7pm sir" Came the reply. "Does that take in to account the speed of the plane?" I looked up at the cabin manager and saw she was completely surprised by the question and replied, “I’m not sure, but the ground speed is about 350 miles an hour", she replied. "So if we leave at 5pm UK time, it takes one [...]

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It’s a new day, a new way and I am feeling good!

These last couple of days I’ve been beating myself up, ever since I discovered that the way I had been approaching a private project was wrong. I had made it too complex and far too expensive. All along there had been a much simpler way forward, right under my nose. What’s more, the simpler approach would have been much more profitable. At the age of 58, I have still got a lot to learn it seems! My first reaction on the discovery was that I wanted to tell the world about it. I wanted some sympathy and understanding. I wanted [...]

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There’s a hole in my roof

When I was a child there was a song we used to sing about having a hole in my bucket. The song was sung in a round and contained endless suggestions as how to fix it, none of them seeming to work. Today the song would be much shorter because the children would just sing ‘buy a new one, dear Liza!’ However, children’s songs apart, my roof does have a hole in it and I need to decide what to do. It’s not a very big hole but when you stand in the attic and look up, you can see [...]

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Could this have been you?

I was late getting away last Thursday, I was in a rush to get home for a long weekend when I noticed her approaching the pedestrian crossing. She was pulling a massive pink suitcase on wheels that almost came up to her shoulders. When we had crossed the road I stepped into my car and she disappeared out of site. There was another car in front of mine, a big Mercedes with its passenger door open wide and a driver standing by. And there she was again at the bottom of the steps to the Kasino hotel. A man came [...]

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