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When confidence becomes arrogance

I once interviewed a Project Manager, referred to me by a trusted friend. On paper she seemed to be the ideal candidate. During our first interview she appeared to have a similar work ethic to me, the same sense of humour and seemed to genuinely understand what The Partnership was all about. By the end, I was really happy, except for one thing. She kept referring to how unprofessional everyone on her current assignment was and how she was on another level to them. I put this down to trying to impress, a little too much. During her second interview, [...]

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Is it worth the risk?

When people come to me with problems that can only be fixed by making serious changes, I often wonder if it’s really worth it. For some, life in business can be relatively easy, especially if they are lucky enough to be a critical player in a niche market. However, many companies are literally hanging on the edge, just about surviving. And for them the decision to risk everything by investing further or to admit defeat and give up is never easy. The first question I like to ask is ‘why?’ Why are you a director of your own business? What [...]

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What kind of conversationalist are you?

I’ve never been good at social chit chat and yet I am sure that many see me as one of the world’s big talkers! I nearly always have something in my head that I believe is interesting to pass on; it’s just waiting for a suitable recipient. On the other hand some people can talk for hours on topics that I am simply unable to engage with for more than even a few minutes. I don’t know what it is precisely but I am coming to the conclusion that there are three main kinds of people when it comes to [...]

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You have all the time in the world

Imagine working in place where you have as much time as you like to do, or think, whatever you like. Imagine a place where targets don’t exist; no annual appraisal, no battles for budgets or bonuses. Imagine your boss saying “there’s no hurry, relax. I will see it when you’re ready.” You might think this impossible but I assure you, there are such places. And they work. In fact they have worked for thousands of years or more and have produced some of the most significant advances our world has seen. In some religions they are called monasteries but almost [...]

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If you want promotion do a crap job!

One of the most powerful lessons I learned in business was that the best people do not always get promoted. I learnt it when I was still at an age where my naivety allowed others to play a hard game. It was back in 1983 when my boss’ boss needed to decide who from the sales team should become the new manager.  Even at my tender age I realized that it was not an easy decision. Of course, I secretly hoped (by some miracle) that I would be chosen. However, deep down, I knew that although I had great sales [...]

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