Jessica tells me that she feels at her absolute best when she’s surfing in the wind, using all the power of nature to keep herself upright and sailing in the right direction. In those moments everything around her is an enabler.

And while Jessica knows how to use the power of the wind and the waves and the flat sea and the sun, she struggles when it comes to learning how to capture the power of engagement and motivation of people. But she’s getting there. She’s gradually transitioning from being a great performing individual to one that engages others to do great things too, even when at first they do not share her vision.

In this world where everyone has precious little time, I find the trick to get things done is to constantly remind myself that I cannot do what I need to do on my own. That to succeed I must use the power and influence of everyone and everything around me to make things happen. And although I am not going to take up wind surfing, I will remind myself on difficult days that although there are many things Jessica can learn from me, there are always things I can learn from her too.

Have a good week,