I don’t know if you remember the last scene from the ‘Italian Job’?  A coach hanging over a precipice with a pallet of gold bullion at one end and the gang members at the other?  On the floor in the middle lies Michael Caine, his last line being: “Hang on a minute lads I’ve got a great idea”. And so ends the ultimate adolescent boy’s movie of all time. And that’s a bit how I feel this week, somewhere balanced in the middle of the bus not able to quite grasp the thing I want most in life and not prepared to give up either.

In January I had my year all nicely planned out. A delicate balance between The Bayard Partnership, a little consulting, a few lectures here and there, the launch of the new book, my charity work and plenty of time for writing and listening to music and, oh yes, my little loudspeaker company, Pearl Acoustics. But then along came an exciting challenge that I couldn’t say ‘no’ to. And here I am balanced precariously, just hoping my health and family support will stick with me until the end of the year when things will calm down again. Or will they?

Deep down I know I need a plan. Not a high-level idea or concept but a detailed plan, with a fully documented ‘risk’ scenario and impact analysis.  I need this because I am a ‘Yes’ person, or rather a person that is genuinely interested in almost everything and therefore finds it very hard to say ‘no’. And if I am to change, I need to follow Patrick Thomas’ advice and make lists of ‘not to do’ items, rather than ‘to do’ items.

For certain my family and health are not going to be ‘outsourced’ onto my ‘not to do’ list! I need to keep them close, but what about the other items?

With the temperatures in Western Europe rising to what is expected to be a serious heatwave and people leaving for sun drenched holidays in Greece and other attractive destinations, I think I will take the opportunity to find a quiet place in the shade and begin with my life plan for 2016.

Perhaps I should bring a project manager in to help me? But if so, what kind?

Over the years I have noticed that there are basically two kinds of project manager. The first schedules and plans so carefully that almost nothing is ever delivered late or goes wrong. While the other constantly makes mitigation plans because nothing they do ever works according to plan.  The strange thing is that often their results can be just the same.  One is solid and thorough and the other chaotic and therefore naturally ‘agile’.

Not sure what kind would work best for me… perhaps I need solidity with a strong sense of focus and delivery? Any suggestions or offers? 🙂

Have a good week,