If we are totally honest with ourselves, I think we all like (at least sometimes) getting out more than we put into something? From our private lives to business there’s nothing better than walking away feeling euphoric over a result that cost us very little. So, I put it to you – how would you like to work on a project where the output will be more than you put in and can also change the future of our planet at the same time? You think I’m nuts… Nothing could be further than the truth. I know of a real project that needs our support that will do just that!

Logically, if you apply old fashioned mathematics and chemistry, the sun should have burnt itself out by now, or at least any day soon. But look into the sky and there it is still burning away sustaining life on this planet of ours. And the reason is that it is so big and so hot that in its heart is a nuclear fusion plant converting hydrogen protons into helium and doing it in such a way that it uses less energy than it gives out.

Right now scientists and governments from all over the world are investing time and eye wateringly large amounts of money building a giant experimental nuclear fusion plant in Aix, in the south of France. In short they are trying to recreate the power generating properties of the sun on planet Earth.  Japan, India, The United States, Russia and Europe are all co building and co-funding the project they collectively call ‘ITER’. And the great news is that unlike our nuclear power stations, this one will not leave behind any harmful waste products. In fact we will be getting more energy out, than we put in!

Following the launch my Change Manager’s Handbook at the Science Museum in London, I have been asked to speak, alongside a long list of dignitaries, to the scientists and project managers who have the privilege of working on this amazing project. But more than the speakers are being encouraged to become the project’s Ambassadors; ensuring that nothing stops the team from achieving their goal. And here is where you come in!

If you are interested in supporting the project, a great way to start is by joining the conference on September 4 and taking the unique chance while you are there to visit the giant ITER site. To find out more on the ITER project click here. To find out more about the conference, click here (or contact me) – maybe you might like to join my group and we can travel down together?

Have a good week,