I don’t know about you but it really annoys me when I hear statements that try to glorify the past. I hated it as a teenager, and I hate it just as much as an adult.

I remember growing up hearing old people on street corners encouraging others to agree in their one way conversations forcing responses like “yes indeed” and “Oh you are absolutely right.” Or, even trying to broaden the subject, “I wonder where they get it from?”  And here I am fifty years later still having to put up with crass statements like “The trouble with the younger generation (politicians/singers/athletes, delete as necessary) today is…”

It is true that there are some very bad things happening in the world and I know it can be comforting to try to blame them on something or someone because in doing so we give ourselves the hope that by eliminating the culprit, everything will be alright again.

Now that the Greeks have voted ‘no’ to a continuation of a European imposed austerity, and maybe they are right it is not for me to say, I wonder if they will try to go back to the good old days, or if they will invent for themselves a new vision for the future?

A country is not much different than a business. In times of extreme change there can be some very important lessons to learn from the past. But there are real dangers too.  Nostalgia can easily lead people into the false belief that a sustainable future can be built upon a snapshot of the past.

After all what generation can honestly say they were somehow ‘better’ than the one today? Different yes, better, I am not so sure!

Have a good week,