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Getting more out than you put in

If we are totally honest with ourselves, I think we all like (at least sometimes) getting out more than we put into something? From our private lives to business there’s nothing better than walking away feeling euphoric over a result that cost us very little. So, I put it to you – how would you like to work on a project where the output will be more than you put in and can also change the future of our planet at the same time? You think I’m nuts… Nothing could be further than the truth. I know of a real [...]

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Just like surfing in the wind

Jessica tells me that she feels at her absolute best when she’s surfing in the wind, using all the power of nature to keep herself upright and sailing in the right direction. In those moments everything around her is an enabler. And while Jessica knows how to use the power of the wind and the waves and the flat sea and the sun, she struggles when it comes to learning how to capture the power of engagement and motivation of people. But she’s getting there. She’s gradually transitioning from being a great performing individual to one that engages others to [...]

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The (anti) social network

I use Facebook quite a lot, to share stories, opinions and pictures within my social circle, but all too often I see adverts ‘from my friends’ endorsing things like boots, sunglasses, diet pills and or holidays. Now I’m sure that my 18 stone, rugby playing, muscle bound friend is not wearing fluffy house shoes from Australia, so how is it he shows up on my timeline endorsing them and telling me that there is a sale on? It starts with a ‘Like’ and a ‘Share’. The most common way we are manipulated into doing this is through stories that stir [...]

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It wasn’t like this in my day!

I don’t know about you but it really annoys me when I hear statements that try to glorify the past. I hated it as a teenager, and I hate it just as much as an adult. I remember growing up hearing old people on street corners encouraging others to agree in their one way conversations forcing responses like “yes indeed” and “Oh you are absolutely right.” Or, even trying to broaden the subject, “I wonder where they get it from?”  And here I am fifty years later still having to put up with crass statements like “The trouble with the [...]

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“Hang on a minute lads I’ve got a great idea.”

I don’t know if you remember the last scene from the ‘Italian Job’?  A coach hanging over a precipice with a pallet of gold bullion at one end and the gang members at the other?  On the floor in the middle lies Michael Caine, his last line being: “Hang on a minute lads I’ve got a great idea”. And so ends the ultimate adolescent boy’s movie of all time. And that’s a bit how I feel this week, somewhere balanced in the middle of the bus not able to quite grasp the thing I want most in life and not [...]

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