The day after my fourth book was handed in to the publishers someone said to me ‘who needs management books, when there’s the internet?’ And when you think about it, he had a point. If you only want access to a small piece of information, the internet can be quick and easy but where does the content largely come from in the first place – more often than not books!

However, there are many aspects to this argument that need a more careful explanation. For a start there are still many people on the planet that have no access to, or apparent need for ‘the internet’. They live, like they have always lived, simply passing stories down from father to son and mother to daughter. Their rate of progress is minimal at best (and perhaps that’s a good thing – that’s not for me to say). But if you want to learn a lot on any given subject, in a very short period of time, there is no method anywhere more efficient than reading a book.

Then there’s the proven fact that humans seem to be better at absorbing information when reading from paper in their hands than from a computer screen. Thirdly, some books (such as my latest book: The Change Manager’s Handbook) simply do not work well in e-pub or Kindle formats.  Double columns and artistic layouts do not translate that well (hence The Change Manager’s handbook’s e-version is restricted to pdf).

Lastly, the best thing about books is that they are reliable. You do not need any technology to read them; Buy one today, put it on your shelf and your children’s, children’s, children will still be able to read it.

Admittedly I like reading novels and books with very simple layouts on a Kindle, especially on holiday, but it is a real nuisance when it runs out of battery power; and at least every three years one needs to replace the hardware, which is a real waste of money and the earth’s resources. At least paper books can be very easily re-cycled.

So, here’s my guarantee. If you or your children don’t appreciate the knowledge I share, you can always give my book to someone else, or take it to the recycling center and who knows what will come of it… Perhaps it will become a bestseller or will re-emerge as exclusive wrapping paper for your next birthday present?

But today, for those who are interested in learning how to manage change in organizations, I do think that my book is at least on a par with the best of the others on the topic and its downloadable templates will give my readers the tools they need to get off to a good start.  They might even enjoy reading it too! 🙂

Have a good week,