It’s always nice if you enjoy your job. It’s even nicer if what you do makes a difference. But what is great is if you have both these things and the organization you work for adds real value to the world. This last aspect can have a massive impact on our self-esteem and more and more people and wanting to work for organization whose ‘why?’ is profound and honest.

Unfortunately, the really important professions: the farmers, the bakers, the house builders, the teachers the doctors are more or less taken for granted these days and nearly everyone has something negative to say about them, that’s just life.  But there are also some people that are lucky enough to work in new industries who are push the envelope of innovation one step further; for example solar powered planes that can fly around the world.

But more than this, you have people working in areas that are looking way beyond the here and now and among this group you will find the people who are searching for ‘MACHOS’ and ‘WIMPS’. These are the researchers whose studies into ‘Dark Matter’ have the potential to literally change the world, or at least our understanding of it.  I guess that for them most days nothing really exciting happens but at least they have the comfort of knowing that they are part of a chain that one day will change our knowledge of physics forever, perhaps even in the next few years. And when they do, all our existing knowledge will take a giant leap forward, just like the discovery of steam power or ‘DNA’ has done.

Right now must be a great time to be a particle physicist and just in case you were wondering what ‘MACHOS’ and ‘WIMPS’ really are, here’s a definition I found on the internet:

‘MACHOS’ are:  ‘Massive astrophysical compact halo objects’ and ‘WIMPS’ (you’ve guessed already) are: ‘Weakly interacting massive particles’ and both these things are vital in the search for the colossal amount of Dark Matter that scientists have known exists for a long time but have not yet actually discovered.

Of course planet Earth will always be inhabited by humans (well at least for the foreseeable future) and the ‘people’ aspects of life and change are always going to be the real challenge.

As long as we exist, we will always create projects for ourselves (mostly because we get bored too easily) and when we do, we impact on others in ways that they do not want. Therefore, the good news for me and my colleagues this week is – there will always be a need for project managers and change managers, just in case anyone was ever worried!

Have a good week