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One way conversations

Over the last few weeks I have been using various networking platforms to find out how people feel about or deal with those people that seem to have a reputation for not answering messages. I was most interested with the people who have a reputation rather than the one offs, however I received a lot of interesting feedback. I am talking here about texts, emails or even IM/DMs. The sort of people that when you’re typing the message, you already wonder just how long it is going to take them to respond. You question why you even bother, but you [...]

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Machos & Wimps

It’s always nice if you enjoy your job. It’s even nicer if what you do makes a difference. But what is great is if you have both these things and the organization you work for adds real value to the world. This last aspect can have a massive impact on our self-esteem and more and more people and wanting to work for organization whose ‘why?’ is profound and honest. Unfortunately, the really important professions: the farmers, the bakers, the house builders, the teachers the doctors are more or less taken for granted these days and nearly everyone has something negative [...]

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How conflicting behavioral styles can be very complementary

Team optimization is more than ever a popular business topic. Especially in times that hierarchical organizations are more and more becoming replaced by so called ‘holacratic’ or ‘somewhere in between’ business structures in which the power from the management hierarchy is reduced or removed and distributed across clear roles which can be executed autonomously. One of the proven key elements for creating productive teams is to join people with complementary behavioral styles: while one is attracted for defining goals/objectives, others prefer to creatively interact, go into more details or create a comfortable operational environment where employees/clients can feel happy. Such [...]

Who needs books?

The day after my fourth book was handed in to the publishers someone said to me ‘who needs management books, when there’s the internet?’ And when you think about it, he had a point. If you only want access to a small piece of information, the internet can be quick and easy but where does the content largely come from in the first place – more often than not books! However, there are many aspects to this argument that need a more careful explanation. For a start there are still many people on the planet that have no access to, [...]

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The best view ever

It’s late on day three of my motorcycle trip across France. Way off in the distance, the road twists and turns its way over the brow of a hill. And then I notice it. The vague outline of a distant mountain range, faint and jagged against the skyline. And this is it, the perfect road, the perfect moment of a blissful day but more than this, soon I will be driving over the brow of that hill and there will be the best view ever. I visualize it, me standing on top of the world with a vast stretch of [...]

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