How about it, you swap your laptop with someone else, not necessarily forever but at least for a week or two?  The only thing is, you not only swap devices you swap agendas too.  This means you have to do everything the other has planned; including attending meetings, reading and answering each other’s emails, blogs – everything that you do to earn a living.

Think about it – if you could swap your laptop and life with anyone, who would it be?  (Business life only)! J

I imagine that many people would want to have a go at a top job for a while, the CEO of a giant multi-national perhaps? Not only out of curiosity to see if they could handle it but also for a taste of the money and power that comes with it.

Not me though, I already have enough stress and decision making for at least three people, so I would swap with someone in a nice cushy position; perhaps a product designer, or maybe a long distance lorry driver? I think a couple of weeks collecting tomatoes from the south of Italy or delivering medicines to Romania might be an interesting break? But better than being a long distance lorry driver, would be a stand-in recording engineer for Deutsche Gramophone, working on a few sessions with Sir Simon Rattle and the Berlin Philharmonic!

You may be wondering where this topic came from, and indeed where it is headed? It was the crazy idea of a young manager at one of my clients. She reminded me of a real conversation I had with a few CEO’s a couple of years back where we came up with the idea of lending one another a few of our personnel in order for them to get a change of scene and a firsthand feeling of how other companies operate. We thought the scheme might inspire some creative improvements. Of course we would need to select the participating firms carefully, avoiding direct competitors etc..

Needless to say the idea did not get very far (yet) but I still believe it could be an interesting experiment: a manager from a petro-chemical firm swapping with a manager of a retail bank or restaurant chain, or perhaps a media business executive with a company secretary of a large law firm?

As I say – who would you swap your laptop with?

Have a good week,