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Want to swap laptops?

How about it, you swap your laptop with someone else, not necessarily forever but at least for a week or two?  The only thing is, you not only swap devices you swap agendas too.  This means you have to do everything the other has planned; including attending meetings, reading and answering each other’s emails, blogs - everything that you do to earn a living. Think about it – if you could swap your laptop and life with anyone, who would it be?  (Business life only)! J I imagine that many people would want to have a go at a top [...]

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‘How’s it going?’

I asked this simple conversation opener to a colleague last week, “I don’t know” was his reply. At first I was a bit taken aback, it’s not the kind of answer one expects from a person with several years of management experience. But then again, it was kind of honest. His answer inspired me to think about all the things that I don’t have a good view on that somehow, I might be considered responsible for. The process was quite scary. Firstly I had to consider all the people that either directly, or indirectly are following my instructions or guidelines. [...]

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You’re on the home straight!

When I was a young boy a monk explained to me the meaning of life, it was a beautifully simple story and has stayed with me ever since. Now I am not a regular church goer but I am not a complete atheist either. There are still many things that we humans cannot explain and until we can, the concept of something bigger than us, in my opinion, needs always to be considered. However back to my story... “Life” the monk said “is like a journey that we all must travel. It’s not a long straight road but more like [...]

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Are you a chicken or a pig?

A story about commitment... Question: What does the stereotypical Englishman have for breakfast? Answer: Eggs and bacon. And what two animals are required to produce his breakfast? Answer: A chicken and a pig. Let’s examine these two animals and their contribution to the English breakfast. On the one hand you have the chicken: you may feed and look after her well, you may even make sure that she has everything she needs to live a full and happy life but she will only lay an egg when it suits her. Some days you will have an egg for breakfast and [...]

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