There are times in my life when I find myself reflecting on the past, perhaps more nowadays than ever before. I am not dreaming or regretting but comparing where I am to where I once expected to be. I guess it’s a bit like walking in the mountains, one can’t resist looking back to appreciate the view and to marvel at just how far one has travelled.

In my job, many of the people I meet are at a crossroads of some kind. They tend to see their life as a series of opportunities and decisions to be taken. But often, very often I notice that they are not so much trying to make a decision but are looking around, trying to work out who they are and where they really want to be.

It is at times like these that many people decide to go back to a place where they were before, or to a way of living or working like before. And I can applaud that sometimes. After all, everyone drifts too far from the shore every once in a while.

But I see life like a river, you can never step into the same one twice.  Even if it looks the same; times change, systems change and people change. The water that was once so familiar has flowed far out into the ocean.

The beauty of age is that time mellows us and we gain a deeper sense of perspective. What was once so vital may no longer be that important. And anyone who has met up with old college friends knows that one can never really go back.

So I guess my conclusion is that if you, or someone you know, is at a crossroads; then my advice is to encourage them to take their time, to think wisely. The past is the past, and although there’s no harm in a little reflection once in a while; tomorrow is a long time and we all have new stories to learn.

Have a good week,