With many of my readers enjoying a short break away from their places of work, I thought I would also switch into a holiday mood by trying to put a smile on a few faces. So I hope you don’t mind, but I want to tell you a little joke instead of sharing a serious theory on the finer aspects of business.

‘My friend Johnny was nominated by his company to attend ‘the salesman of the year’ gala at the Hilton hotel in London. The invitation was for two but unfortunately his wife was unable to join him as she needed to stay home to look after their young daughter who was suffering from a bad cold. It was the third night in a week that Johnny had been out late, so the atmosphere at home was tense, to say the least.

Next morning, Johnny’s wife asked him “well, how did you get on?”

“Fine”, he replied. “In fact I won first prize.”

“First prize?” questioned his wife, with an air of disbelief. “Are you telling me that I am now married to ‘the salesman of the year, 2014’?” she asked,

“Yes” he said.   “So where’s your trophy then?” she asked.

“I sold it to the man who came second!” Johnny replied.

I know its an old one, but I like that joke. It’s got everything a good joke should have. It raises your curiosity while leading you off in a completely false direction, only to bring you back with a twist that endorses the power of the story.    However, there’s a lesson in this joke somewhere for me, and for all people that need to write communications for a living: To try and keep the readers interest, while gently steering them in the direction you really want to take them.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist sharing my thoughts after all!

Have a good week   Harley

Ps. Thanks to my friend Chris for the joke. He’s someone who always like’s to put a smile on other peoples faces.