The editorial review panel have submitted their comments on the draft of my latest book and now I must begin the laborious process of not only correcting the typos, punctuation and spelling mistakes, but also decide which of the experts’ comments and criticisms I will take on board and which I will ignore. It’s tough, even when I put aside any concern of upsetting someone, I must remain objective, meaning I must stay open to another point of view. It reminds me of my school days, trying to decipher my teachers red pencil marks (and believe me there were many on my essays).

My editors have done their job and done it well, which now means I must face up to the reality that my book still needs a bit more polishing before it is ready for its June 4 launch date in London.   The question is what do I do with the wildly conflicting advice?  For example one editor believes that one of the illustrative stories, is too long and out of place, while another believes that it’s perfect and could even be a little longer. Sometimes I wished I never asked!   And this, I guess, is how it must feel to be on the other side of my advice.

Those entrepreneurs that come to me for a piece of wisdom are, nine times out of ten, only hoping that I will confirm something that they already believe. And I see the pain in their eyes when I give advice that is not in line with their thoughts. Sometimes they try and argue a defense, claiming that their other advisers think they are right. It is a frustrating situation for both parties, but especially for me, the one giving the advice. After all what’s the point of asking for my opinion, if they are not going to take it?

Luckily, the general consensus on ‘The Change Managers Handbook’ is very positive and that it reads well from chapter two on-wards, so that’s not so bad is it? All I have to do now is to fix the foreword and re-write the first chapter and adjust all the errors, piece of cake!

Perhaps I will see you in London on June 4, then you can tell me what you really think for yourself!

Have a good week,