I don’t know why it is, but I worry when I surround myself with people that think and act in the same way as me. I find something disturbing about it. It feels as if the group is missing something important, possibly dangerous. Everything becomes too simple, too obvious. I know they say there is safety in numbers but I believe that there’s a big risk too.

In recent weeks, I have been working with a wide variety of groups of people, each busy on different projects. On reflection, I feel most comfortable in the groups that are not trying to look for consensus via compromise but rather to challenge each other to find the best way forward.

Daring to ask the tough questions, daring to say ‘stop, let’s take some time out to re-evaluate where we are and where we are headed’, especially in times of stress, is for me essential.

I have been told many times ‘Harley, not everyone’s the same as you’, and I thank God for it. I find a broad pallet of people, so much more refreshing than the safe grey of a large collective. Perhaps this is why I dislike supermarket shopping so much, or going to places where everyone is expected to respond or act in the same way?

When the last time you felt out of place with those around you? If I can offer any advice, try and see it my way. When you feel like that, perhaps you are exactly where you should be – right in the heart of where you can make the biggest difference? Standing up to the challenge will not be easy, but the rewards of achieving excellence, rather than indifference, will be worth it, I promise.

Have a good week,