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Not everyone is the same as you

I don’t know why it is, but I worry when I surround myself with people that think and act in the same way as me. I find something disturbing about it. It feels as if the group is missing something important, possibly dangerous. Everything becomes too simple, too obvious. I know they say there is safety in numbers but I believe that there’s a big risk too. In recent weeks, I have been working with a wide variety of groups of people, each busy on different projects. On reflection, I feel most comfortable in the groups that are not trying [...]

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They don’t want to be helped!

I recently heard the story of a pilot who was commissioned to fly an aircraft over Africa looking for geographical features that could be adapted to form wells and lakes. The objective was to find fertile areas for the inhabitants to move to, away from their drought ridden villages. The results surprised him. A number of locations were identified and detailed schemes for re-location drawn up. However the project ran out of steam and was finally declared a complete failure. Why? Because the people didn’t want to leave their villages. In my lectures, I talk about why it is that [...]

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The Change Manager’s Handbook

The editorial review panel have submitted their comments on the draft of my latest book and now I must begin the laborious process of not only correcting the typos, punctuation and spelling mistakes, but also decide which of the experts’ comments and criticisms I will take on board and which I will ignore. It’s tough, even when I put aside any concern of upsetting someone, I must remain objective, meaning I must stay open to another point of view. It reminds me of my school days, trying to decipher my teachers red pencil marks (and believe me there were many [...]

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Nothing personal, it’s just business

Luckily, there has only been a few times in my life when ruthless business people have got the better of me and I ended up signing deals that were not really in my best interests. And when I look back, I realize that there was a common link to each occasion – I was in a weak negotiating position and they knew it and took advantage.  And here’s the dilemma, some say that this is ‘just business’ and that this is how capitalism works, but is it? The fact that I have been in business now for more than thirty [...]

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