All around the world people are reveling in Carnival. From the narrow streets of Venice to the giant broadways of Brazil, Carnival is in full swing. And while the cat’s away, the mice do play – or do they? There seems to be two types of people, those that do and those that don’t love carnival.  And thank goodness for the millions of people that don’t because it is they that keep the buses running, the airplanes flying and the hospitals caring for those excluded from the normal bustle of daily life.

And that’s the point, no matter how seriously we take ourselves, somewhere out there, people are laughing and having fun. Even Europe’s winter chill or the falling rain in Latin America does not deter the carnival revelers. They don’t choose to go into the office but to go out and join the crowd and dress up in whatever takes their fancy. The Church couldn’t control them and the politicians neither, in fact both these institutions had something to gain from allowing the carnival to poke its fun in their righteous faces.

And here I am, a thousand years later, writing my blog still trying to make sense of it all. In a way all of our lives are like carnival. We put on a show for those around us. Reassuring the demotivated, calming the over confident, supporting those that need our expertise and advice, even the waiters and waitresses serving our midday meal are putting on a little show in the hope of receiving a smile and, or a tip in return.

And if you think that I am too far off the mark, look at how we present our businesses; our logos and our websites, our product launches and on-line commercials, we’re nothing more than carnival revelers, playing to the crowd, using all our energy and imagination to grab some attention in a global market place. So wherever you are, be it in Rio or Reading, Tienen or Turin enjoy this carnival period, in a few days it will be all over and life will be back to normal again, whatever that means.

Have a good week,