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Prison Food

I don’t know about you but I have no experience of eating prison food but I would like to try it. Don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about the food that the prisoners eat, but the food that I heard they prepare for restaurants attached to the outside of some prisons in the UK. Apparently it’s really good! The UK prison service has set up some high class restaurants that are staffed and run by prisoners and ex-prisoners.  It turns out that the system is so successful, that one of restaurants has recently been rated the best restaurant [...]

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Carnival Time

All around the world people are reveling in Carnival. From the narrow streets of Venice to the giant broadways of Brazil, Carnival is in full swing. And while the cat’s away, the mice do play – or do they? There seems to be two types of people, those that do and those that don’t love carnival.  And thank goodness for the millions of people that don’t because it is they that keep the buses running, the airplanes flying and the hospitals caring for those excluded from the normal bustle of daily life. And that’s the point, no matter how seriously [...]

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The first thing I will do when I become King is…

When I was a child I used to enjoy playing the game ‘When I become king I will…’ The idea was that each person had to stand up and say ‘When I become King I will…’ and then come out with a change that will be so popular that they would be voted King. Now I am older, I can see where my drive for business leadership came from. The only problem is, I didn’t realize then how tough it is to be King and to remain popular while driving through change. Last Saturday morning, I was having a meeting [...]

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‘Best Practice’ is an illusion

I still regularly hear people talk about best practice; best practice in management, best practice in medicine, best practice in motor racing, best practice in cafés, best practice in bars. All I know is that ‘best practice’ doesn't exist. It’s just a buzzword that gets everyone excited and allows some people to believe in the illusion that somehow what they are doing is, if not perfect, then at least ‘best’. As the director of professional development at the PMI, Stéphane De Vroey, recently said to me, ‘Harley, there is no best practice, only better practice’. I like that. I believe [...]

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