Nearly every day, I find I have a ten minute slot  just waiting to be filled. Ten minutes before a meeting, or ten minutes between a customer visit and a conference call. And sometimes, like tonight, ten minutes before my supper when I have the chance to draft a blog or update my ‘to do list’.   I like ten minute slots, they motivate me to attempt something that would normally take much longer.

With a focused mind and a strong desire to deliver, these convenient slices of time induce a mini surge of adrenaline in me; like the ones I get when negotiating my way through heavy traffic in a busy city.  I just love the thrill of having achieved something useful in such a tight time slot.

And then there’s the quick phone call, or the fixing of a date for a long overdue appointment. Ten minute slots give us the perfect chance to do that annoying task that’s been hanging around for far too long.   In ten minutes I can write a ‘to the point’ email and still have time to read it carefully before sending. I have even been known to make a small financial spreadsheet; calculating margins on a proposed opportunity.

Sometimes I read an on-line news article, or flick through the company intranet for an interesting story from a colleague or a friend. In ten minutes I can reflect on a situation and make a decision, or send a text message to say ‘thank you’ or ‘happy birthday’.    In fact, sometimes I wonder why we need the full eight hour working day at all…

What can you do in ten minutes?

Have a good week,