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Everyone needs a distraction every now and then

You might be in the middle of trying to solve a complex problem or perhaps you’re tired after crunching your way through endless spreadsheets. What you need is a distraction. Now there are three main kinds of distraction: external distractions (where someone or something involuntarily interrupts you), temporary distractions (such as going off to make a cup of coffee or shopping for something on the internet) and lastly recurrent distractions. Recurrent distractions are like parallel worlds that you can slip in and out of, almost at will.  Some recurrent distractions are referred to as hobbies but they can be much [...]

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What can you do in ten minutes?

Nearly every day, I find I have a ten minute slot  just waiting to be filled. Ten minutes before a meeting, or ten minutes between a customer visit and a conference call. And sometimes, like tonight, ten minutes before my supper when I have the chance to draft a blog or update my ‘to do list’.   I like ten minute slots, they motivate me to attempt something that would normally take much longer. With a focused mind and a strong desire to deliver, these convenient slices of time induce a mini surge of adrenaline in me; like the ones [...]

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7 January 2015

In a week where people have been brutally murdered for exercising the principle of self-expression, it is hard to think of any other topic to talk about that does not seem trivial in comparison. The lives of innocents are taken every week but a million people on the streets of Paris tells us that this is somehow different. Many experts, much cleverer than I, have already expressed their wisdom and right now I feel unqualified to add anything more into the mix. After all, what can I say that has not already been said, or could be said any better? [...]

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Don’t disturb me – even though I want you to!

This week it’s all systems on shut-down while I polish the last touches to my latest book. There’s a virtual note upon the door and my mobile phone is on silent. Even my cats have been asked not seek my attention by jumping up on to my lap or walking across my computer keyboard. The problem is, every hour or so, I come up for some air and realize how dull life is without the usual interruptions.   There’s no Schumann piano CD playing in the background, no nipping out to the shops or calling a friend. Not even a [...]

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