There’s a famous technique commonly used by marriage guidance counsellors which involves the couple coming up with good things to say about the other. The technique can be quite effective, so I thought that with the Christian world entering into its annual season of good cheer, that it might be a good idea to try and end the year by coming up with three good things to celebrate about one’s boss, especially in time for the dreaded end of year appraisal discussions? After all it can’t be that difficult can it?

As adults we tend to spend the majority of our time being negative. Negative about others and things and rules and regulations. It’s a kind of habit that we all too easily slip into, especially as we get older. After all, it is so much easier to be negative rather than positive, to find fault rather than praise. And when we look to those that report to us, it is all too easy to be disappointed with what they actually achieved rather than appreciative of the fact that they could have done a whole lot worse!

By looking at the positives in others we reinvigorate energy in ourselves and that is why so many parents and grandparents obtain so much energy from their children and grandchildren. The pride they take in seeing them achieve even the most basic of tasks is enough to give their lives pleasure and meaning.

The trouble seems to be that in our professional working environment we expect everyone around us to ‘be professional’, to almost stop being human and to be logical and reliable and good and nice. If we are honest with ourselves, that’s just unrealistic.
I am sure, in a hundred years from now, when robots are playing significant roles in all of our lives, they will be programmed to see the good in us, to praise us for our small achievements and to keep us motivated throughout the day. If they don’t – well we will almost certainly unplug them and put them back in their boxes.

So if you are wondering what the three good things about my boss are then words like ‘understanding’, ‘intelligent’ and ‘supportive’ might be among my top three. And if you are wondering who my boss is, well that’s easy…

Have a good week,