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Picking up sticks

There was a time when I was too busy for anything that was not directly connected with my career, except perhaps for some blocked time on weekends when one was either obliged to go shopping or spend time with the family. Apart from those occasions, every other minute of my life had to be categorized, optimized, and allocated a place in my agenda.  I woke up to the alarm of my personal digital assistant telling me where to go, who to call and what to do.

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Backseat drivers

Can there be anything more annoying than a backseat driver? “Look out for this” and “look out for that” and “slow down, you’re driving too fast”, and “I usually turn left here” or “Oh dear, you’re not going to park here are you?

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Learning something new is easy

Last week I learnt a whole bunch of new stuff; I learnt how Class ‘D’ amplifiers work, how the end to end cycle of value added tax is a much longer and more complex chain than one might imagine, I learnt that nanoparticles do not behave in the same way as objects of a more comprehendible size.  
I also learnt that a street near me (a very useful shortcut) is now no entry for through traffic.

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