At what age would you advise the next generation to stop running around and to focus on the way forward? I guess most of us would look at our own lives and suggest roughly the same age as when we settled down? But at what point in our lives should that ideally be?
Yesterday I was looking into a fast flowing river when I noticed a shoal of young Trout darting around, seemingly chasing each other and having fun (if Trout can have fun. If not, I guess we'll have to conclude they were searching for food in a rather haphazard way). But it was then I noticed, in a calmer part of the river, the adults all swimming together, perfectly in line facing the flow of the stream; I wasn't sure why but I guessed they were waiting for a tasty morsel to swim directly into their mouths.

Either that or they were 'working out', getting in condition for the big swim! (A fisherman once told me that this kind of Rainbow trout come from the Salmon family and migrate out to sea for a few years before returning to the exact same river to where they were spawned).

They were magnificent. Some were very dark in colour while others  had beautifully coloured scales, justifying the name 'rainbow'.  

It's a tricky balance, knowing when to stop darting from one idea to another and to join the adults tediously swimming upstream, facing head on whatever it is that life confronts them with. And if one feels the urge to give career or advice on life to the next generation, it's very likely that unless the recipient is ready to listen, ones words will most likely fall on very deaf ears!

Have a good week,