I thought I had a pretty sturdy fence that would keep our chickens safely within their run. And I did until a few weeks ago when I built a side extension to it.   Now I have two runs with a link piece between them.  Before our chickens would do what chickens do, they would scratch their piece of ground and dig out bugs and worms. They would go to roost at night time and lay their eggs in the morning but now, it’s as if their original fence no longer exists! Imagine this…

There’s a fence that works, it keeps them in. Nothing has changed but the place from which we feed them. Now, when my wife goes down the path with a pan of their favorite stewed kitchen scraps they do not wait for her to enter by the new gate but run straight through the fence and up to her ankles instead. It’s as if the fence wasn’t there! Admittedly, two of the fatter ones don’t usually manage it but for the others do! The weird thing is, for the rest of the day, when they go back in to the run they respect the fence’s borders, no matter what happens on the other side.

Recently I have been working with a client with a pretty tough and complex problem. They have hit a wall. No matter what you tell them, they say that the wall is too high, too thick and too deeply dug into its foundations to circumnavigate. And yet I know, that with new vision and energy, another board of directors would simply plough straight through it as if it wasn’t there.

Whether it is in sport or in business or in our private lives, the fences and borders that keep us in and others out, are mostly in our minds. Sometimes we just need the right motivation to see that they are not the barrier we think they are.

So our chicken proof fence, is chicken proof, as long as our chickens do not want something on the other side that is way more interesting than what they have on theirs.

Some footballers and fans, may have thought that the Netherlands didn’t stand a chance against the great wall of mighty Spain, but how wrong, how terribly wrong they were? One side clearly wanted victory far more than the other. And, as I have mentioned in these columns before. It’s much harder hanging on to a leading position, than it is to take it away from someone else.

Have a good week,