It had been a long morning; long distance conference calls, spreadsheets and stress and it was only Monday lunchtime! The rain had finally stopped and the sun had come out, so I decided to stretch my legs and take a short stroll into the garden. The doctor said that I needed to take a break every two hours, so I was only following orders.

It was then the scent hit me, the smell of the roses as they opened their buds to the unexpected sunlight, distracting all my thoughts and cares away. It’s strange but these things are important. They are as important as making big decisions or checking balance sheets. If we fail to notice the nature that surrounds us, or appreciate the hard work that gardeners have put in to make our lives as pleasant as possible, then what’s the point of living with your senses switched off?

There’s been an election in Belgium and the opposing groups of politicians that have been fighting each other for so many weeks and months have miraculously overnight become ‘friends’, each conveniently forgetting all the nasty things their opponents said about them during their campaigns. And why this sudden outburst of understanding and respect?  Because they want to be chosen by the man with the biggest votes to form a coalition with him and to win a top job in government!

All I know is that one day they will all be gone and another group of politicians will have taken their place, and yet the ancient climbing rose on the south side of my old bake-house will most likely still be there. Why? Because it is so beautiful that I cannot imagine anyone wanting to do it any harm, especially if they have stood beside it just after the rain.

Wherever you are and whatever you do, try and always keep a sense of proportion. Do not get stressed on stuff that you have no control over but do care about the things that you have an influence on. Protecting an ancient rose is as important as making sure your customer is well served and your staff are appreciated for all the effort they put in.

Have a good week,