If you spend enough time giving speeches, sooner or later you’ll end up saying something stupid.  This weekend I read that Bill Gates said “I always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job because they will find an easy way to do it”. I suppose (if he ever said it at all) that it was designed to create a quick laugh but if you stop to think about it for just one moment you realize just how ridiculous it is.

My first reaction to this statement was:

Would I prefer a business full of lazy people or hard working people?

Experience tells me that a lazy person would either immediately delegate the task to someone else or would tell me that they will give it some thought and then do nothing with it. We all know that finding an easy way to solve a difficult problem takes extremely motivated people. People that are prepared to dedicate sufficient time to come up with a really good solution, and then to stick around to test it to be sure that it works. 

I believe that there are relatively few lazy people in business, but many demotivated ones. However there are some that seem to be ‘naturally’ lazy, no matter what you do. Every family, club or business has at least one. You know the type; while everyone is busy doing useful things the lazy person is just sitting there or making excuses to leave.

Lazy people never seem to be happy, I suppose it’s because to be happy they need to invest some energy?

I know a lazy person, more often than not he cannot be bothered to cook, to wash or dress himself properly, to tidy his house, go shopping, go on holiday or do almost anything in fact. From his standpoint, life has always been tough. I am not good with lazy people, if I cannot motivate a person into making an effort after three attempts I simply give up and leave them be. In a way, I guess I am lazy too!

Lazy people are good for business because they need loads of services to support them but they are bad in business because they waste time and money and try to drag everyone down to their level. I hope you don’t have any in your office!

Have a good week,