My colleagues woke up this morning with the shocking news that I had decided to step down as Chairman of The Bayard Partnership and take up my life-long dream of playing guitar in a rock band. Of course I didn’t make it that obvious, I said that I had been offered a once in a lifetime opportunity with a famous singer songwriter that was doing a world-wide comeback tour. But I did also say that I felt it was the right time as both my private financial situation permitted it, and indeed, The Bayard Partnership had matured to a level where there were plenty of capable candidates to take my place.

Needless to say that it was an April fool joke and probably, if The Bayard Partnership was a stock listed multi-national I would not be permitted to publish such a story – not even on the internal intranet?

I once worked with a young director who loved to make practical jokes, especially on the first day of April. But I guess that time and probably some negative feedback from people who mistook his jokes led him into playing safe by remaining silent for the last few years? The question for me this week is, how serious should our businesses be?

I wonder how open your work environment is for the making of and sharing jokes and laughter? I mean, think about it, how many times a day do you enjoy a funny moment with a colleague?  And, for that matter, how often do you enjoy sharing a funny moment with a member of your family or friends?

For a man who is sometimes criticized for being too serious, I think that, as I grow older, I find that a sense of humor is a vital and motivational part of everyday life.

Have a good week,