There are times in your life when you decide to push yourself beyond perceived barriers, you do it because you believe you’ll succeed – but there is always a tiny element of doubt that remains. However, when you come across a company that has ‘Never been done before’ as their company motto – you just know that now is the perfect moment to go for it.

I was sitting inconspicuously at the back of the hall waiting my turn to speak when a young lady came up to me and said, “Hi I just wanted to introduce myself, I have been the one supporting you with your travel arrangements and I would like to say how much I am looking forward to your presentation.” Moments later I am standing in front of ninety eight HR executives delivering my views on  ‘ The five essential elements of inspirational leadership’.  I don’t know why but I am really buzzing, I am improvising left and right and the audience seem to be appreciating every nuance of what I am saying.

In the back of my mind is the fact that, in a few minutes time, when my speech is over I am going to give these people the biggest challenge I have ever given a group this size before. Sure I have spoken in front of much bigger groups but never conducted a workshop like the one I have in mind.

Twelve tables, eight people to a table, twelve different topics and thirty minutes for each group to come up with a set of key arguments, an illustrative poster, some tips and tricks and a five minute informative and entertaining presentation that will convince their audience of the importance of their topic!

The members of the Emerson Process Management HR team were superb, their focus was electric, their discipline amazing – they followed my instructions to the letter and then delivered with incredible creativity balanced with a sense of seriousness and fun.  What a bunch of people!  Professional doesn’t begin to cover it.  Perhaps it was a freak one off electric moment?  I don’t know. But what I do know is, I have proven that by using simple but sophisticated workshop techniques companies can tackle highly complex and challenging subjects in depth, making sure that no one’s views are overlooked, and yet in a fraction of the time they would normally need.  But, even I, never knew for sure that it could ever work on a scale like this.

But what’s the moral of the story I hear you ask?  Well it’s hidden within my inspirational element number 1. ‘Confidence’. If you believe that anything thinkable is possible – then it is. Confidence gives us the ability to delegate and to delegate on a grand scale. As long as you really trust others, they can (and will) take the task you are offering them off your shoulders and deliver results in return that will may not only surprise you, but maybe even inspire you too!

Have a good week,