Here’s a true story I heard the other week. A young woman was fed up with high school and so decided to leave and get herself a job. Throughout the summer, while her friends were off having fun, she worked away in a dull administration office of a large industrial company. On the wall opposite her desk hung the famous image of the three monkeys.

‘The three monkeys remind us that in this office, it is best you hear nothing, see nothing and say nothing’ she was told when she asked why the poster was hanging there. After three months of mind numbing work and having 3 monkeys in her direct line of view she could take it no longer and decided that she was not yet ready for a career in an office! So she quit her employer and applied back to college to further her education in the autumn. Thankfully the young lady later found her true vocation and has since then had a marvelous career in nursing, caring for literally thousands of patients over the last thirty years.

I think we can all reflect back to important turning points in our lives and just like the young lady in our story, when we do so we can sometimes remember the triggers that inspired them, be they positive or negative.

Life is a bit like reading a restaurant menu, it is often much easier to decide what you do not want rather than what you do, and if given the chance, we are happy to follow the suggestion of another, especially if one’s mind is on other things.

It’s nice to think of our lives being neatly planned out, but they seldom are. And when we find ourselves twisting and turning in new directions, there are often trigger points that lead us to the next adventure.

I have had several memorable trigger points that turned me in new directions in my life. There was the serious disagreement over a point of principle that ended a personal relationship; being made redundant from a sales team when my figures were way above everyone else’s, a difference of vision on the strategy of a high technology business, a chance meeting that led to an exciting new opportunity, oh yes and the time I took my cat to the vet… (but that’s a story for another day).

How about your turning points and their triggers? Feel free to share them, I won’t tell anyone!

Have a good week,