I have never been one for reunions, going back to school and meeting all those elderly people that once had beautiful young faces. But this week some of my cousins have begun plans for a big reunion next year (and to be honest) they have wetted my appetite, probably because we are so much older now that we have got past the stage of competitive analysis and are more interested in simply having fun and reflecting on the bigger questions of life. 

But if reunions are good for families then how about for business?

Massively important people leave our organizations and somehow the world continues revolving.  It seems that the lessons we learn in life are more important for us than those we left behind and yet, if you think about it logically, the lessons we learn are probably just as relevant for our ex-employers as our current ones.

The question therefore is more about “If I knew then what I know now, how would have my input in the company have been different?”  And yet there were people on the planet then that did (most likely) know what we know now, we just didn’t take the time to seek them out, or we were not ready to listen.

Last night I took part in an exploratory workshop where we had to interview someone for a maximum of two minutes and then breakdown the result to two words: one describing the character of the person and the other describing the core skill of the person; It was extremely tough but an amazing experience.  Of course, when the two minutes were up, the tables were reversed and the interviewee interviewed the interviewer.

After all these years of experience, my interviewer summed me up as: an ‘Inspirational’ ‘Problem solver’. Which to be honest, I was very happy with – think about it, it could have been much worse! 

Have good week