23 years ago today, I sat in a room with magazines and pamphlets on side tables and posters on the walls. My cat was on my lap and I was waiting to see the Vet. Today I am living in a foreign country and my life has changed almost beyond all recognition. The vet is now my wife, she’s in the other room preparing breakfast while I write this blog. Now I am not one who likes to live in the past (there’s plenty to do in the present) but going back to significant moments once in a while is a very healthy thing to do, not just in our private lives but in business too.

Perhaps it’s the day an important contract was signed? Or the time in a café when an important decision was taken to merge the two companies? Or the day a new employee joined the firm? The list goes on.

I heard the story of Vodaphone on the news yesterday, it was told in terms of a list of strategic decisions and purchases. They were lined up like milestones on its road from small time subsidiary to the cash rich giant it is today. The reporter‘s list gave an amazing insight of the great management decisions and some fortuitous luck that the company enjoyed. I am sure there must have been a few duff decisions and some bad luck too but in yesterday’s story these were not relevant.

Company projects are measured in milestones, we use them as inspirational points to reach by a specific time; we use them to measure progress and as a cause for quiet celebration. But there are some anniversaries that are bigger than project milestones because, by all sense and purpose, one is expected to reach a milestone, even if it is tough going. No, some events are worth celebrating not only because of the enormity of what happened next but also as an important reminder as to how far we have travelled and indeed the way we were before the anniversary moment occurred.

Have a good week,