By the time you are read this, I will be far away driving around Eastern Europe on my Triumph Thunderbird. It’s that time of year again when I switch off my phone and email systems and clear out the cache in my brain of all the stuff that is no longer needed.

Every year my wife very kindly lets me go away on my motorcycle. Fourteen days without domestic or business discussions, decision making, disputes or celebrations. It’s my selfish time, time for driving down endless roads with no particular destination apart from the name of an hotel printed on a piece of paper where I can safely stay the night. It’s my selfish time where the focus is on negotiating every bend and junction with care and attention and wondering what will on be on offer for supper.

It’s a time for reflecting on my past, for thinking about the future but more importantly; for simply engaging with each and every day; rain or shine, happy or sad; noticing the minutest details while ignoring the gigantic backdrops, or for reveling in the wonder of nature while forgetting that one has bills and bank loans and tax liabilities and investment decisions to make. No, no, for now, I am out of reach and far away.

Greetings from another place,