These last few days have been really gorgeous. Streaming sunshine and a gentle breeze have made for perfect weekend weather.  After the long and gloomy winter that seemed to drag on forever, this recent spell of sunshine has brought out the best in everyone. Off with baggy winter coats and polar bear outfits and on with summer cottons and smiles. This natural transition is making everyone happy it seems.

There’s no doubt about it, just as the weather can make us happy then so can positive people. In English there is even a saying “he is like a ray of sunshine” and a ray of sunshine is exactly what every working environment needs. One happy person at the office coffee machine can have an enormous impact on the morale of many, many people.  I believe that happiness and positive thinking are the two essentials for running a successful business.All the studies point in the same direction: happy people are statistically more successful than their unhappy counterparts. They tend to create positive environments around them that encourage effort and creativity from everyone within their influence.

And while most businesses nowadays are trying to focus on being ‘lean’, I want to promote being ‘happy’ as the primary ingredient.  Real happiness has nothing to do with loads of pay and lots of time off, quite the contrary. The happiest environments I ever helped create were the ones where money was often short and the working hours long and where the team spirit far outweighed the ‘me’ .

Broken teams with dis-satisfied managers usually lack two main ingredients: smiles and laughter. It’s time therefore to bring in a Ray or Sally of sunshine into every office, and this can best be done by positively discriminating towards positive, happy people. I don’t believe there is a law against it and if there was (and you broke it) I wouldn’t tell on you!

Have a good week,


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Harley is a dynamic 'we can do this' kind of person with a successful track record of working for a wide variety of companies in all kinds of sectors. From very small family run businesses right through to giant multi-nationals. Over the last thirty five years Harley has built a reputation for inspiring those around him to rout out and tackle the core problems facing their organizations. Armed with a wide range of pragmatic tools that he has developed over the years, Harley is able to help his clients bring about long-term, sustainable solutions, while having fun at the same time. Harley is a motivational 'people person' who is nonetheless tough on efficiency and delivery. Apart from being well known for his highly entertaining and motivational speeches, Harley is also a blogger and author of four books; 'The Change Manager's Handbook', 'Transition', 'Inspirational Leadership’ and ‘Making a Difference’. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvaATmb9_zg

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