I have been using a piece of technology in my car that I have never used before. In fact until recently I didn’t know quite what it was or how it worked. It’s called a ‘speed limiter’. You’ve probably got one in your car but maybe, like me, you’ve never used it?

I am familiar with cruise control, I mostly use it in the Netherlands to make sure I do not go over the speed limit. But when you think about it logically, cruise control is the wrong tool to solve speeding problems.  Who wants to cruise when all you want to do is drive to the max?

Compare this with running a business, if you pronounced that you were ‘running your business on cruise control’ you would be laughed out of the building. I like driving myself and my teams to the max but the question is; what is the max and is it safe?

This is where the speed limiter comes in. You select the maximum speed you want to drive at and then you can do what you like, accelerate as hard as you want, you cannot go over the limit you set for yourself.  After a week of regular use the result is that not only do I get loads of nice electronic smiley faces thanking me for my compliance to local speed limits but also my fuel consumption has dropped dramatically! I feel like a significant volunteer to saving the planet.

I must admit, at first it felt really strange, my accelerator pedal spongy and unresponsive. I had to get used to not worrying that something was wrong. One glance at the dashboard told me that everything was fine I was just driving at my max. When this occurs I have two choices either to tweak the little joystick upwards and increase my maximum speed allowance by another 10Km per hour or to simply leave the joy stick alone and just sit back and relax and obey the law.

Nowadays I find myself driving to my limits and in doing so I weirdly seem to have more time for everything.   I arrive a little bit later it’s true but I am much better prepared.  Instead of listening to the radio, I now drive in silence; more focused on my driving. And all the while I am thinking through the challenges facing me at my destination. So when I finally arrive, I am much more relaxed and far better prepared for whatever may come my way.

You should try it sometime!

Have a good week,