“It’s too late, no matter what it is, the shops are closed” my wife said (I hadn’t realized I had spoken out loud). What I must have said is ‘Oh no! I forgot…’ Somehow I must have managed to stop myself, just in time. It’s Christmas morning and my wife obviously thinks that I was referring to a last minute shopping item or something related to Christmas, in fact I was thinking about something quite different, something to do with work, something quite trivial when I come to think of it!

And yet it only goes to show how difficult it can be to switch off. Loosing concentration on the things in front of you and drifting off somewhere else is not a problem unique to me, I am sure of it. I bet that if I was to do a ‘round the Christmas table quiz’ this lunch time and asked each of the happy faces what they were actually thinking while waiting for the gravy to be passed around, I am sure I will be right in guessing that seventy five percent or more will not be thinking about how wonderful their life is and how that this family moment is the highlight of their year. Nor will they be thinking about the magic of the miracle birth.

For those that go to church, there must be times in the ceremony when their minds wonder off to other places: possibly worrying about the turkey in the oven or perhaps about all the poor turkeys in the oven. Or dare I say even business matters?

Concentration is something that sports people, musicians and actors need to a very high extent. One momentary slip and everyone is likely to notice.  In business (if I am allowed to use that word today) I don’t see that it is always such a problem.  Unless you find yourself drifting off while giving interviews or at times when strong analytical thought is required in order to come to an intelligent decision.

Today of all days is probably too early to start thinking about New Year resolutions, after all the Christmas dinner is still in the oven and what I need to do now is to find a cosy corner where I can let my mind wonder wherever it wants and no one will ever notice. How I am to tackle the necessary higher level of concentration performance at work can wait right now.

“Harley, have you put your presents under the tree dear?” Presents, what presents? I thought this year we weren’t giving any, something to do with saving the planet or something, if I remember correctly? Arrgh!!!!

Happy Christmas!