Unless you are reading this on the beautiful volcanic island of Tenerife, then there’s a very good chance you are reading it a long way away from me and are probably busy working (or should be working) in your office, wherever that is.  I am taking a break, spending quality time reading and walking and keeping my mind far, far away from work – whatever that is. 

My phone is switched off, my out of office is switched on – I have not read an email in more than a week and I am doing just fine. The only decisions I need to take are shared with my wife and they mostly involve selecting which restaurant to eat in or which part of the island to explore.

The point I want to make is that it is possible to live for a few days away from everything – well at least I think it is because right now I am still in cold and windy Belgium and my flight out to the island is not until 06:20 tomorrow morning!  This blog is pre-programmed and I am making assumptions that perhaps I shouldn’t make but I am pretty sure that they are safe, especially the bit about not reading e-mails!

There are some circumstances where company Governance rules oblige CEO’s to keep their mobile phones switched on at all times and I hope I never have to work for an organization like that, but I fully respect those CEO’s that are obliged to sign up for it.

When you decide to go into business or start in a new position it is important to consider ‘availability’. What one person’s view of being available at all times can be quite different from another’s!  And what is reasonable, even normal, for one can be quite abnormal for another.  I used to think it had to do with the level of dedication one had for one’s company and work. Now I am wiser and realize that, unless you are one of the unlucky few, being available at all times is actually a sign of disloyalty because it means you don’t have a correct life / work balance and that is never good. One day you might just burn out and if that happens where will your company be then?

I have said it before, and I’ll say it again “The graveyard is full of irreplaceable people” and right now I don’t feel ready to join them! So it is time for me shut down my PC for a week or more and save a little of the Earth’s energy!

Have a good week,