You’ve finally made it to the top, only to find that the power you thought you could exercise is an illusion. The images of decisive and powerful leadership that attracted you to the role in the first place are rapidly fading. Let’s look at the facts?

  • You need to satisfy the shareholders, some want drastic cuts while others want you to spend and invest for long term sustainability.
  • Your management team want to keep on doing what they were doing before you got the job they had set their eyes on.
  • Your employees are looking for a clear vision for the future. They believe that you can solve their problems and realize the true value of the share option scheme they signed into, all those years ago.
  • The workers council are watching your every move. They don’t trust a word you say.  They think they can find hidden agendas, even when there are none.
  • The business press are looking for a story but its only sensational items that fill their pages.
  • You want to look far ahead but there are targets to be met and the next quarter results are only five weeks away.
  • You are constantly being compared with your predecessors and reminded of their limitations and the reasons why they are probably not around anymore.
  • Your core suppliers are trying to grab the chance of re-negotiating better deals, subtly threatening consistency of supply if they don’t get their way.
  • Your key customers too want better deals. For some unknown reason your sales director suggested to them that they should contact you directly.
  • Your creditors are looking nervous. What they need right now is a safe pair of hands and re-assurance that their repayments will be met.
  • The legal department is pressing you for a decision on how to proceed with an open claim that is dangerously close to exploding.

“Would you like a cup of coffee and a sandwich?” Your PA asks. Right at that moment, a big man with a big smile, who you have never seen before, barges past her into your office: “So you’re the newbie! Fancy a spot of lunch?”

Welcome to your new job!

Have a nice week,